In the world of gambling, it is possible that you will find new casinos every month. Everyone wants to join the gaming, bonus and betting fever, including you. So before you start looking for your ideal casino we must warn you of a couple of things.

First of all, you have many options to choose from, some more recent than others or some themed and others not. In the second instance, you should know that the new casinos that you find on the Internet will not always be good. Money is nobody’s friend, which is why casinos can be used for good or evil.

But you don’t have to worry, because we have the solution so that your path is not long or unfortunate. Leave luck for free card games and choose one of our ranking of new casinos. In the list you will find only quality sites that you can trust. Well, we take care of carrying out a study in which we verify if you have permission and what it is. Since both Spanish places and foreign pages are evaluated so that you have variety in the new online casino.

We also review their game catalogs, these must be wide and diverse to enter the top. At the same time, we check which providers support it so that it is a good platform. Without forgetting that it works well and that its designs, sounds and graphics are high-tech. We do not forget details such as customer service, which must be fast, efficient and accessible in new casinos. Although a new online casino tends to be very attentive to its users, since they are small groups.



A fundamental feature that all online casinos must have, whether they are new or old, are authorizations. Although it is not clear to you what this is about, it is something you should have when choosing a casino. They are even aspects that you yourself can review on their pages. Despite the fact that we already did it with the sites that we suggest in our ranking of new casinos. In fact, you can read about it in each of the reviews we have for you, here at CasinoSlam.

In order not to stray from the topic, we must start with the basics in these new releases, what is a casino game license? This is a permit that all sites need to be able to legally operate in a country. This must be granted and approved by the different regulatory entities that exist in the world.

To obtain one, the site must meet certain requirements that will vary depending on the authorization requested. Since not all nations are governed by the same laws, even so, they have the same end. Therefore, depending on the regulation that the casino has, you will be able to find different games, bonuses and functions. But why is it so important for a new casino? because this permission ensures your protection within the betting pages.

It is the way in which governments ensure that everything is in order when playing. That way, they prevent you from being cheated and ensure that your games are fair and random. In addition to that you can withdraw your bonuses, deposits and earnings without obstacles in between. An online casino can have more than one permit, thus, its services will be legal in several countries.

To reach its audience of new players, a site can be regulated by entities of:

  • Spain
  • Malta
  • Gibraltar
  • Mexico
  • England
  • Italy
  • Germany


Curacao is famous for being a legendary regulator in the world of online casinos and gambling. Its permit allows casinos to operate in various countries that do not have major restrictions on gambling. It was founded in 1996 and has been one of the first institutions to provide this regulation service.



Like Curacao, this authorization makes it possible for casinos to operate in countries with few limits against gambling. The Malta authority is better known by its acronym MGA and has been operating since 2004. They are characterized by the safety and quality of the sites that have their regulation.


Unlike the regulators in Curacao and Malta, the UK permits work in a different way. Since this nation does have strict gambling laws, all casinos must be licensed in the UK. Otherwise, they will not be able to legally operate in the territory and you will not have protection when you play. The Gambling Commission is a globally recognized and respected body. Therefore, observing its seal in casinos transmits a lot of confidence among players.

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