How does Spread Betting work?

Spread Betting work

From time to time we receive user inquiries on the topic of spread betting, which has prompted us to take on the topic here on the betting base of 22Bet. The first thing we advise users to do is to be really careful, because with spread betting you can quickly lose a lot of money if you are a careless beginner.

Spread Betting Definition and Explanation

Spread Betting Definition

The profit or loss on a spread bet placed is not fixed at the time of placing it, because profit or loss is calculated according to the distance from the spread – the spread is a range of the outcome of a bet estimated by the bettor as the most probable.

When spread betting, you are not simply betting on victory, draw or defeat, but on markets such as the number of goals, the sum of the minutes of the goal times, the sum of the points from yellow and red cards in a game, the number of corner kicks, the minute of the first goal, the back numbers of the goal scorers … as you can see, there are almost no limits to the ingenuity of the spread betting providers.

What sounds partly quite obscure, it is in detail often not at all, if you really deal with it. But you really have to deal with the topic intensively if you want to be successful with spread betting.


The last request of the user was e.g. related to how a round bet can work at Sportingindex. The user wanted to bet that Klitschko will win in round 8.

Let’s see the betting rate (spread) first:

Bet Klitschko will win in round 8 – Buy 16 Sell 13

I bet 100 euros – price 16 points.

If Klitschko actually wins in round 8, 100 points will come into play

100-16 = 84

84×100 = 8.400 Euro profit

If Klitschko wins (no matter which round), 10 points come into play

10-16= -6

-6×100 = 600 euro loss

If he loses, 0 points.


-16×100 = 1.600 Euro loss

Example of spread betting from soccer

Example of spread betting

Similarly and perhaps even better understandable, it works for a spread bet on the number of corner kicks. In a recent match (Champions League Inter Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur), the spread on the corner kick bets is 11.25 – 11.75.

If you think there will be more corner kicks than 11.75 in the match, you buy the bet (buy), if you think there will be less corner kicks, you sell it (sell).

You set the bet per point (distance) e.g. with 10 Euro.

Now the game is going on and let’s say for example Inter makes a lot of pressure and there will be 20 corner balls.

If we bought the spread we win (20-11.75) x 10 = 82,50 Euro

However, if we had expected a few corner kicks and sold, we would lose (20-11.25) x 10 = 87,50 Euro. As you can see, the betting provider earns from the difference between profit and loss.

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